Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

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Audrey Collins December 16, 2015 Alpha Company PVT/2 100 Years of JROTC Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) First came to exist in 1916 as part of the National Defense act. The Mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to become better citizens and I know ever since I started JROTC that 's just what I have done. Over the years JROTC has changed and evolved a lot over the years and i am proud to say that i can be part of an organization like JROTC. Before 1967 the amount of JROTC programs was limited to 1,200. The amount was increased to 1,600 programs and in 1967 again it was increased to 3,500 units in the year 1992 the limitation on the number of programs was removed from the law in 2001. The amount of Cadets that are required at minimum are three hundred in a Battalion. Women have served the United States Army since 1775. They nursed the sick and wounded, cleaned and fixed torn clothing, and cooked for the troops on military bases.Campaign services did not exist in the Army until the 20th century. Women were an invaluable but an essential part of the Army .Women continue to have a play an important role in ongoing operations and with the selfless sacrifices they make for their country, we continue to break through gender barriers. In 2013 the Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta signed a document that lifted the National Defense Department 's ban on women to take part in direct ground combat roles. This decision overturned 1994’s

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