Junior Rowdy Quotes

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In section two of our book (p.48 to 98) we start off while Junior going to talk to Rowdy after making his decision to move to Reardan. Rowdy is clearly not happy with Junior decision and he made it obvious by by getting into a fight with Junior. Although throughout the fight Junior did not hit Rowdy and instead tried to talk to him, but he only ended up with a bloody nose and a black eye curtesy of Rowdy. The next morning Junior’s dad drives him to Reardan, and the realization finally hits in. Junior considers dropping out of school entirely and living in the forest. I have to admit that is like how I was feeling when I first came to Caswell; I had never moved school before and it was a whole new experience with all new people. I got over that…show more content…
She said Roger respected him, that men and boys are like packs of wild dogs. This giant boy was the alpha male of the school, and you’re the new dog, so he pushed you around to see how tough you are. You punched the alpha dog in the face, they’re now going to respect you. The next morning, he couldn’t get a ride to school so his dad’s best friend, Eugene, drove him on his new motorcycle. After arriving at school Roger then pay respect to Junior and Eugene and his bike by complementing it. Maybe grandma was right after all. He then walked into class and says hi to Penelope. She doesn’t even remember him. I’ll give half a point to grandma. Then Halloween come around the corner, and Junior goes dressed as a homeless man and ironically enough so does Penelope. Junior learns that Penelope was going trick or treating for change to donate it to homeless people and Junior wants to join. As he was trick or treating on the reservation she gets beat up and some people steal his money. Penelope says shell put his name on the money anyway. We then learn that Junior is above averagely smarter than most people in his school. Unfortunately, the teachers at Reardan refuse to admit that, and give credit to other children, like Gordy, instead of Junior. When Junior gets home he finds out that his sister ran away to get married. With a guy she just met at the casino. The next day at school Junior walks up to Gordy and asks to be friends. Gordy then assures Junior that he is not a homosexual. Soon after their conversation that day they became friends. Well not quite friends but Gordy helps Junior study and teaches him about book
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