Junior Spirit Short Story

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The story of Junior Spirit takes place in The Absolutely True DIary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, a young adult fiction novel. In the story, Junior/Arnold Spirit, a 14 year old boy living on the Spokane Indian Reservation, comes to* terms with the identity crisis that comes from belonging both on the reservation and at the nearby white school, the importance of his own world, and the obstacles that come in making friendships. Gordy has had the most valuable impact on Junior because he made Junior realize that he belongs in many myriad places, gave Junior a new perspective on his sect of the world, and gave him a much needed friendship during his transition to Rearden. Gordy has had the most valuable impact on Junior’s…show more content…
Gordy showed Junior that even the smallest parts of the world are huge and filled with mystery, and instead of giving him an option to escape it, Gordy gave Junior the means by which to make it bigger and more exciting. Furthermore, Gordy called to attention that “People care more about white girls than they do about everybody else on the planet” (Alexie 116). This made Junior realize how while his world of being an Indian is similar to the rest of the world in the sense of how they view white girls. This made Junior see how not only the Indian tribe behaves in some ways like the rest of the world, but how they belong to a much large group of people who all view white girls in the same high regard. At the time of his transition to Rearden, Junior needed a friend, and Gordy stepped up to the plate. For example, “Gordy believed in me. He wouldn't let me give up” (Alexie 94). Gordy’s belief is very important for Junior, as not only he he one of the few who does so, but through him Junior has the potential to make something out of it. Gordy showed Junior that hope comes from unexpected places, and just how powerful that hope is. Furthermore, “Gordy taught [Junior] how to study. Best of all, he taught me how to read” (Alexie 94). Gordy provides Junior with the help he needed in order to succeed at Rearden, as for Junior to
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