Junipero Gilbert Research Paper

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Junipero Serra was a man who lived his life serving God. Early in his life, he was a Franciscan teacher in Spain. Later, he received a call from God to become a missionary. Obeying God’s request, Junipero Serra spread God’s love and word through Mexico. He then came to California to build missions to help convert people to Christianity. He was was canonized as a saint in 2015. Junipero Serra lived his life by following God’s call. He is an outstanding role model for others, and inspires me to listen to God’s call to and act when called upon. To act like Junipero Serra, I would accept a vocation from God when he calls on me, do what I can to help the Church do, and use my special talents to serve God and His people.

Just like Junipero Serra, if God called me to take part in a religious vocation, I’d trust that he knows what’s best for me. I would have to be open and unafraid of the task he has in mind for me. The task that He has in mind for me might not be as big as Junipero Serra’s task, but it might be just as impactful to others. A religious vocation can mean many things, such as spreading God’s work through actions. My vocation could be marrying someone and having a high paying job. Even though I’m married and have a job, I take part in a religious life too. For example, I could be called to help a shelter and care for homeless animals in my free time. It may not be something I could do for a living, but it could be a small way that I can contribute. If more
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A person can serve a religious life without being a priest or nun. I could serve him as a leader in my local parish, or by volunteering to help those in need in my community. The Church encourages all of us to serve those in need. We can serve others by leading Bible studies to new members, collecting blankets and clothes for the homeless, and spreading God’s good news to people that are unaware of
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