Junk Food Is Too Much On Junk Foods

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Junk Food Here in America, humans rely very much on junk food, which leads to higher obesity rates, more illnesses, and a less healthy society, which means that food manufactures could be placing things in the food making it very unhealthy and a less living life. Most junk foods now have a lot of calories which is usually commercially packaged and prepared. Junk food is almost readily available almost anywhere across this country in all sorts of restaurants in the form of soda, chicken tenders, french fries, and in almost every food served. It also promotes overeating because it’s high in fat and the more that is eaten it begins to taste better making it close to addicting. Junk food is known to largely affect someone’s life in negative ways, causing early deaths and chances of becoming obese in consuming lots of it. Firstly, junk food is filled with empty calories, which means that when consumed it gives extra calories that aren’t needed making it extremely bad for the human body. Eating even a little bit of junk food could give a high calorie rate, which leads to excessive weight gain. Most of the time if someone is consuming junk food they’re distracted by T.V or a movie making them unaware of how much is going in their body which eventually could lead to overeating. Overeating could open up even more and brand new problems that could be worse than just a Rosales 2 high calorie rate. If eating extra calories the human body stores the energy as fat or glycogen to use

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