Junk Food Should Be Banned In Schools

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There is a current epidemic sweeping across America regarding childhood obesity. Students are at school seven to eight hours a day and eat up to two meals while at school. There are different opinions on how to solve this epidemic. Some people choose to ignore the fact that children eating unhealthy food results in obesity and other health risks. Other people want to do something about this epidemic. Junk food should be banned in schools because it increases obesity in students, decreases wellness of students, and increases calorie intake. First, the selling of junk food in schools increases obesity in students. Authors Lee and Sprague wrote that “The American Obesity Association estimates that 15 percent of children between six and nineteen suffer from obesity.” (4). That statistic is alarming because it deals with only a thirteen year age range between the children. Diet is the most easily identified cause of obesity and most likely the source of behavioral change (Lee and Sprague 8). Since diet is one of the main causes of obesity, a healthier diet at school can help decrease the rate of obesity. Research shows that “Adolescents in states with strict laws regulating the sale of snacks and sugary drinks in public schools gained less weight over a three-year period than those living in states with no such laws, a new study has found.” (Tavernise 1). This research from a study shows that students in states who have stricter laws on the selling of junk food at schools
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