Junk Food Should Be Mandatory For School Schools

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"Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it" (Josh Billings, 1865). A healthy lifestyle is dependent on the choices of an individual 's diet. Junk food will fulfill the desire of one for a short period of time. However, a healthy and maintained body will fulfill the need throughout one 's entire life. Therefore, is maintaining an unhealthy diet full of sugar and life-threatening junk the perceptive decision? As perceived, healthy food habits are not something that should be averted, thinking it is petty. In fact, it is a serious matter that destroys many lives and thoughtful actions must be conveyed immediately. Hence, it must be mandatory for YRDSB schools to ban junk food as it will reduce the high chances of obesity, cause students to stay concentrated during class and require students to stay active.

Many people in today 's generation are constantly are craving junk food. It is patently evident junk food plays a major role in the cause of obesity. According to a study called "Psychological science", Obesity leads to numerous health issues including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. The treatment of these health issues cost billions of tax health dollars (Physiological science, 2014). Permitting junk food in schools will cause greater chances of obesity. Students will be heading on a venture. Furthermore, obesity is a continuous major problem since the past several years. In 2010, a 4 year old girl named…
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