Junk Food and Obesity

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Junk Food and Obesity Junk food has become a controversial topic in society today, simply because of its role in obesity. People believe that cutting junk food completely out of your diet is the only solution to living a healthier lifestyle, but for many that seems nearly impossible. Junk food has an addictive quality to it that makes it so appealing. Companies design the flavors so that it is the right amount to be appetizing, but leaves the person eating it craving more. It is also more convenient to eat on the go than a healthy meal, meaning those reaching for a quick snack fix will be more attracted to the unhealthier option. Another key issue is how junk food correlates with childhood obesity, as well as the hatred humanity seems to have developed for obesity. With America being one of the leading countries in obesity, the youth of America sets the tone for how the future will look. The question of who enables kids to begin eating unhealthily from the beginning arises, whether it is the schools or their parents. Districts have said for years now that they will begin serving healthier lunches and take away the junk food options, but it is more expensive to do so. The economic issue restricts schools from doing what they know is right which then leads students to believe eating unhealthily is acceptable. This belief children are lead to have creates conflict in their home life and is the core of childhood obesity. The process that companies go through in order to create
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