Juno - A Positive or Negative Affect on Teenagers? Essay

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In 2007, Fox searchlight released Juno in Canada and United States of America as a comedy-drama directed by Jason Reitman. The film became hugely successful earning Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and Oscar nominations: Best Picture and Best Actress for Ellen Page (Juno-film: www.wikipedia.org). The film written by Diablo Cody depicts a story of female character name Juno MacGuff, with an unexpected pregnancy leading her into an adoption rather than an abortion. The decision leads remarkable change of her surrounding life in family and school. As the movie received numerous positive feedbacks, but the movie also portrays controversial issues such as rational decision of pro-life vs. pro-choice, consequence of unprotected sexual…show more content…
For the sake of the story, it had to lean towards pro-life; however, the interpretation depends individually by either, seeing it as half-full or a half-empty. The film portrays unrealistic setting of abortion clinic in a comical way. The front desk clerk had a look of heavy metal fanatic with all the piercing on the face and unfriendly attitude. Because of that initial setting Juno gets nervous, followed by indifference by people in the waiting room resulting hastily retreating from the clinic without any consultation with the doctor properly (Reitman; NYT). If the viewers watch it as entertainment purpose, it’s funny with visual and attitude exaggeration of the scenes. Unfortunately, shown in school for educational purpose, in sex-education class as an example, it symbolically raises the issue of pro-choice as uncivilized and fails to cover the importance of consultation in proper procedure. Getting pregnant is a critical issue alone, but this movie takes the issue one step further and brings a question of an abortion or an adoption. Juno decides not to go through with abortion, and luckily the whole movie falls into the right place at the end (Reitman). However, this is not the case in real life. The film needed to focus on pro-life for the transition of the movie, but the depiction leans too much towards one side for the movie to be used as school curriculum. To focus more the movie Juno lacks depiction of

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