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1. Briefly describe the family portrayed in this film and the family structure. There were two different family structures portrayed in Juno, the first was Juno's family which included her dad, step-mom, and little sister. She also briefly mentions her mother who moved away and occasionally sends her gifts, but seems to have no other influence in her life. The second family structure was the couple that Juno decides she is going to give her baby to, this structure consists of the husband and wife and also, Juno since she is giving them her baby. The couple, Mark and Vanessa, play an important role throughout Juno's pregnancy, influencing the plot of the movie. Juno's friends Leah and Paulie, who is also the father of the baby, are also…show more content…
They never discuss specific rules or curfews that she has, other than the one time that Juno's step-mother became agitated when Juno came home late from visiting Mark. It also seems like eating dinner together is one of the few things they do as a group, but it is never mentioned that they must eat together. 4. What are the roles of each family member portrayed in the film? The roles of each family member are fairly common, Juno's father works and has the best connection with Juno so he spends time giving her advice. Juno and her step-mom have a complicated relationship and she seems like the biggest disciplinarian when it comes to Juno's behavior. Finally, in Juno's immediate family, her little sister plays almost no role in the film other than a few mentions. With the family dynamic between Mark and Vanessa, the roles are a bit different than what would be considered a "normal" portrayal of a family. Vanessa goes to work every day and seems to be the main bread winner, while Mark stays home and writes commercial jingles, which he still makes good money doing. 5. What boundaries exist in this family and how do you know them? There are not many boundaries between Juno's immediate family, they are all very open with each other. There are instances, however, when boundaries are tested for humorous reasons. Such as when Juno called out her step-mothers obsession with dogs just to get a rise out of her. Most of the boundaries are normal unspoken

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