Juno Macguff

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Juno MacGuff is a sixteen year old, high school junior who ends up getting pregnant by her best friend and lover Paulie Bleeker. After finding out she is pregnant she opts to having an adoption and decides togive her baby to a well deserving family which she selects Mark and Vanessa Loring. The setting of this scene, the Loring household, cause me to think that Mark and Juno’s relationship was more than just adoptive parents. It seemed like they were gaining real feelings for one another. I first began thinking that they were having an inappropriate relationship because upon entering the house Juno asked is Vanessa, Marks wife there & he proceeds to say “No, we are safe!” If they weren’t doing anything wrong why would she be questioning if his wife was there. The costumes of the characters are fairly normal, but in conjunction with the setting and the camera angles it looks like Juno is…show more content…
During this entire scene it is always a close shot which clearly defines that it is Juno and Mark. I think the director purposely made it a close shot so that we could feel like we are a fly on the wall watching everything unfold in front of us. The way the camera is angled Juno’s face is not in focus but is in clear focus on Marks face as if I am Vanessa catching him in the act of cheating. When Juno and Mark begin dancing to the song I feel a rage pass through me. During this scene, I feel as if I am watching a video of Mark cheating since it is dark and out of focus. When Mark is slow dancing with his hands around Juno’s waste he makes a joke saying “doesn’t it feel like it is something between us?” and the camera goes down to emphasize Juno’s pregnant stomach. I feel like this director didn’t literally mean the baby. I think he was talking about how Juno and Mark couldn’t be together because of the age difference and because Mark was actually a married
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