Junot Diaz 's Poem ' Negocios '

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“Negocios”, a story from Junot Díaz’s drown, provides an indepth look into the life of an immigrant from the Dominican Republic trying to make a life for him and his family in the United States. Ramon is constantly faced with difficult challenges but he shows an amazing amount of determination to achieve his goal of providing his family with a better life. Before Ramon makes his journey to the states he struggles to live with his wife, they constantly fight. It eventually gets so bad for Ramon that he ends up leaving the house for a while to stay with a random girl. But during his night at the girl 's house he suddenly realizes that he needs to get the money for the plane ticket so he can go to New York. He eventually paid his wife’s father Abuelo a visit, it turns out that Abuelo knows about their fighting and he 's skeptical about giving the money to Ramon. Ramon explains to Abuelo “All I want for your daughter and our children is to take them to the United States. I want a good life for them” (Díaz 164). This quote shows that even though Ramon’s wife currently wants nothing to do with him he still is determined to provide a better life for his family. Ramon ends up getting the money and is told to spend the rest of with his family before he leaves. Unfortunately for Ramon, Mami doesn’t particularly care about his departure. He constantly reminds her about how he’s going to leave and be gone for a while. But she still has no reaction and doesn’t care. Finally he gets

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