Junot Diaz 's The Money

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Junot Diaz is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is very widely known for this writing and his background story. In Junot Diaz’s story, “The Money: Starting Out,” he shares a story from his childhood. The story is about when Diaz and his family had just recently moved to New Jersey from Santo Domingo and they felt as if they were “targeted.” The neighborhood that they were living in was not the top of the line, lots of robberies were taking place. The Diazs’ themselves are a victim of robbery, but in the end, everything turns out to be good. Throughout Diaz’s story the reader can better understand and sympathize with this family because of the many uses of pathos and ethos in the passage. The context of this story…show more content…
Diaz informed us by providing some background of this childhood. He also explains to us that robbery happens all the time, “In our neighborhood, cars and apartments were always getting jacked, and the kid stupid enough to leave a bike unattended for more than a tenth of a second was the kid who was never going to see that bike again (Diaz 385).” Thankfully many families do not have to think about their personal items being stolen, but that does not mean that other families are always completely safe. It seemed as if the Diaz’s were never safe. The stories focus is about a time that one of his best friends stole his money, even though he thought he never would. His friend knew how bad his family was struggling and he still stole from him. In the end Diaz regained his money and belongings, but this just showed how much of a real friend he was. This family was already struggling and now they are hit with a burden of theft. This just goes to show that anything can happen, but the outcome depends on how people handle it. The purpose of this story is to show that your childhood does not define your whole life. Diaz obviously had a rough childhood at times. Especially moving into the United States from the Dominican. His family did not have many funds, to give him all the things he needed. This did not stop him from succeeding on his own though. Diaz went on to graduate high school, something that most
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