Junot Diaz 's View On Young Adult And Dating

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In Junot Diaz, How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or a Halfie. Junot Diaz shows how society really is. Diaz’s explains in his short story different stereotypes on young adult and dating. He provides great examples, on how young men act such as Malcriado. This relates to society when a mother or father talk’s to their son before they go on a date. “Shower, comb your hair, dress appropriately. Sit on the couch and watch TV”(Diaz 235). These are strong step-by-step instructions for a dating guide. This is a pretty generic saying that most moms will say to there son’s before they go out on a date. Although, young adults attempt to prove their maturity to society by portraying moral acts in person then when alone they commit…show more content…
In real world perspective, young adults go through the same situations. Young men will get attached to young females because it is something fairly new to them. Young adults are learning date etiquette from their parents then they can choose what they do with it. Our parents are very knowledgeable and have been in certain situations that they do not want to see their children in. But, young adults still choose to not respect their parents and will do what they want to do sometimes leading to consequences. This is a growing dilemma with young adults in this generation. Young adults, show an exceedingly amount of disrespect to the elders. For instance, when a young man doesn 't hold the door open for someone it show’s ignorance and disrespect. “You’ve already told them that you’re feeling too sick to go to Union City to visit that Tía who likes to squeeze your nuts. (He’s gotten big, she’ll say.) And even though your moms knows you ain’t sick you stuck to your story until finally she said, Go ahead and stay malcriado”. (Diaz 235). This shows, how complicated and disrespectful you can be towards your elders. Lying to them should never need to occur. Honesty is the key to respect. If, there is no respect it is simply disrespect. Why cause disrespect to your elders? That is very ignorant and disrespectful. Disrespect is showing a lack of respect or courtesy for example, "a deeply disrespectful attitude toward women". A guy should always want to be a gentleman. It
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