Jurassic Era Research Paper

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The beginning of the Jurassic brought a new climate. The weather changed from arid, dry, and seasonal to humid, hot, and stable. The weather allowed for lush jungles to flourish, and with the lush jungles, the dinosaurs. The weather change was due to the supercontinent Pangea breaking apart. Two new smaller supercontinents were formed, Gondwana and Laurasia. The supercontinents now had more area that was touching the ocean. This meant the water from the ocean made the supercontinents more humid than before. The dinosaurs thrived in this climate. New species are being discovered to this day from the Jurassic Period due to the immense diversity amongst them. The species diversity included three main dinosaur groups, the Sauropods, the Theropods,…show more content…
The main dinosaurs that died off were Sauropod dinosaurs, long necked, four legged dinosaurs, and stegosauridae, class holding Stegosaurus. Other species that died include ammonites, similar to the living animals called nautilus, many marine reptiles, and bivalves, relatable to modern mollusca. Not much is known about this extinction. It is mainly linked to climate change. So far, no connection to volcanic activity or an asteroid has been made. This extinction gave way to the Cretaceous Period. The Cretaceous Period had a similar climate to the Jurassic, warm. The geography, however, was changed a drastic amount from the previous period. The Earth had very high sea levels at this time due to the lack of polar ice caps. The supercontinents Laurasia and Gondwana were breaking apart into the continents that are the same in the present day. Although the continents were the same, they did not yet look exactly the same. The continents will be further shaped by volcanic activity and tectonic plate activity. The shaping of the modern era was under way. Many other animals besides dinosaurs lived during the Cretaceous. These animals were very diverse and included pterosaurs, ancient flying reptiles,
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