Jurgis Rudkus as a Dynamic Character in Upton Sinclair's the Jungle

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The Jungle (1906), by Upton Sinclair, is a story mainly about the life and turmoil of a man who came to American in hopes that he will become a free, rich man with a beautiful wife, Ona, and happy family; this man is the young Jurgis Rudkus, a strong, energetic Lithuanian whose personality and life are all changed several times over the coarse of the story. Major— usually tragic— events that occur in the story serve as catalysts for Jurgis's dramatic, almost upsetting, transformations. There were four major turning points in Jurgis's life: after he loses his job and is forced to work at a fertilizer mill; when he loses his wife and children; when he is incorporated into the criminal and political underworlds; and when he picks his life …show more content…
"[The] joy of the unbound life" (215), appealed to Jurgis greatly, but his conscience was not the ‘yelling-at-you' type, and so when Jurgis was wasting a large sum of money, that he had earned from two weeks of work, on drinks and women, his conscience just sat in the sidelines helpless until the party was over, and it could do its job. His recent actions would have appalled the Jurgis that first came to America, with his idealistic virtues, seemingly flawless personality, and strong happy family— but this Jurgis was lost. In his situation, most would have lost all hope, possibly committing suicide, and would have not seen that most everyone gets a second chance, and he had to be sent to jail again to receive it.
After leaving jail, Jurgis had the opportunity to become incorporated into a life of thievery, with a man he met the first time he was in jail, Jack Duane, and together the two partners robbed people of money and jewelry, and soon it bothered Jurgis not to see a man harmed after he was mugged by the pair. "A month ago Jurgis had all but perished of
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