Juries in NSW Essay

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Juries in NSW

The jury system plays a very important part in the running of the courts. The jury system is needed in both criminal and civil cases. There are advantages of the jury system as well as disadvantages. However, the jury system is still very important to the justice system.

The role of the jury in NSW

A jury is a group of people from the community with all sorts of backgrounds, beliefs, religions, education levels and ages, who listens to the evidence of the cases and helps the court to decide the outcome of the cases. Jury duty in NSW is a very important responsibility, providing a link between the justice system and the community.

The role of the jury in criminal
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The jury will listen to the arguments of both parties and come to a decision whether the respondent should pay or not to pay the plaintiff. If the jury decides that the respondent must pay the plaintiff, the magistrate or the judge will decide on the amount of money that should be paid to make up for the dept, injury, or damage.

Eligibility for jury service in NSW

Anyone in the community who is enrolled in the State electoral roll is eligible to participate in the jury service. The jury system gives people from the community a chance to participate in the justice system. Therefore people whose occupation involves around the government and legal system such as the governor, judge/magistrate, lawyer, police officer or prison officer cannot participate in jury service. Also people who has bee convicted of a serious crime or has been sentenced to prison are not allowed to participate. People who cannot read speak or understand English also cannot take part. If a person has some kind of connection with the person accused, they must step down. If a person participated in a jury service during the last 12 months, they will not be able to participate again for 3 years.

Jury selection

Jurors are randomly chosen by the NSW sheriff from a list of people from the electoral role who appears to be eligible to take part in the service. If you have been

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