Jurisdiction In The US Supreme Court

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Original jurisdiction refers to where the case starts. Appellate jurisdiction means that the court reviews the decision from the other court. Meaning, if you are prosecuted for a crime, the court where the trial would be held, has the original jurisdiction. Furthermore, the US Supreme Court generally is a court of an appellate jurisdiction, but it does have original jurisdiction for cases regarding ambassadors, or other public ministers. The court that reviews the decision of the trial from the lower court, would have appellate jurisdiction. Moreover, if you lose in court you can ask a higher court, an appellate court to consider whether or not your trial followed the law correctly. If you lose in the appellate court you can ask the highest court in the land which is the United States Supreme Court. Genuine jurisdiction is different entirely from special jurisdiction. General jurisdiction has the power of the court to hear only certain types of cases, and if the amount of controversy is below a certain amount, is more times than less subject to exceptions. Courts of the general jurisdiction are often called District Courts or Superior Courts. Jurisdiction may also be referred to the origin of the court's authority. A court may be designated either as a court of general jurisdiction or as a court of special jurisdiction. A court of general …show more content…

Personal jurisdiction is there to protect defendants. Subject matter jurisdiction means the court has to have jurisdiction or the ability to hear the facts of the case. Furthermore, subject matter jurisdiction is broken down into general jurisdiction verses limited jurisdiction. These come into play at the state level, meaning a trial court can hear any type of issues. Personal jurisdiction is the ability of the court on how to exercise jurisdiction over a person, and to bring that person into court. Generally the court has to serve a summons or complaint on that

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