Essay about Jurors and Prosecution: Forensics in Pop Culture

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Introduction. With producing reality shows comes producing inaccuracies in portrayals in order to reach as many viewers and gain as high ratings as possible. Every day life is boring, yet people tend to be attracted to the relatable shows that portray real life in eccentric ways – ways that they believe could be imitated. In many cases, these shows could remain harmless, as it is entertainment. No matter how crude or erroneous, it is just television. However, what happens when these sources of amusement actually start being damaging? Crime shows like the ever popular CSI:Crime Scene Investigation have started becoming significantly detrimental to criminal cases, influencing their perceptions of what should realistically be going on. This…show more content…
Simon Cole and Rachel Dioso-Villa have analyzed that many of these programs attempt to make science “sexy,” which may be a reason why we are so attracted to them. The scientists look glamorous at all times; wearing nice suits or dresses out on the field or in the laboratory, having normal work days, finding everything they need, having all of the state-of-the-art equipment and staff they need, and more importantly, they get everything done quickly and effectively. CSI: Reality. Not all primetime crime shows are created equal; some bend forensic realities at different degrees than others depending on sub-genre. According to Hon Shelton, of the Vanderbilt Journal, there are two different levels of what he calls “reality distortion” based on the varied sub-genres of these crime shows. In the first level of distortion are the documentary-styled shows, such as Forensic Files, American Justice, and The First 48. These shows are the least harmful, as they use real life cases in their episodes. However, they are so heavily edited and narrated, that the focus shifts from the case, to trying to provide a dramatic effect for people to enjoy. These shows still manage to warp the amount of time it takes to find, deliver, and process evidence so they can be admissible in court. The second level contains the crime fiction programs, which encompasses all of the popular

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