Jury Defense

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will become clear in the interview video. It was then time for Jorge’s attorneys to go before the jury, and he stood when the prosecutor took her seat. To begin to believe the defense given by Jorge’s attorney was powerful or persuasive is giving it too much credit. In my opinion the structure and delivery of all of his points that I will describe only further supported the opposing sides arguments. He began his statements by saying everything was misconstrued and was simply a misunderstanding given by the child. He then went on to describe the roommate (taking blame from Jorge) and how it was their fault for not speaking up about any awkward situations that may have arisen in the past. He invested time talking about the ‘rules of the house’…show more content…
The prosecutor began to ask her basic questions, like how she was feeling and her favorite things to do. Rosa answered easily and did not seem very nervous with this. Then the prosecutor asked her if she knew why she was here, and if she knew which man in the room was Jorge. Rosa quickly pointed in the direction of Jorge, without looking directly at him or speaking. It was at this point the video was going to be introduced to the jury, and small briefings were handed out by the deputy to clarify more of the video. The video began by showing a small room with a table in the middle. It looked like an interrogation room from any popular crime scene show. Very soon after an interviewer walked in with Rosa, who was only seven years old. The interview began by asking Rosa her favorite things to do and how she felt, almost identical to how she was asked when she first walked in the courtroom. The questions then became more serious as the interviewer asked why Rosa felt scared when she was with Jorge, and what had happened in the past that made her scared of…show more content…
The process of the various statements given and the ability to convey such a strong message to the jury is the job of the attorney. In my open opinion, the evidence and statements given could not be outweighed by Jorge’s attorney in any way. This was aided by the fact that he was not able to support his arguments and all odds were against him. The courts system of relaying evidence to the jury and giving the people a right to choose what they honestly believe to be the truth of the situation is what todays judicial system is based upon. This was enlightening to me to see happen and I am content with what I have witnessed. Following this case, I was able to find two more that were similar in nature. The first being People v. Dontanville 10 Cal. App. 3d 783; 89 Cal. Rptr. 172; 1970 Cal. App. LEXIS
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