Jury Trial Analysis

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Jury Selection, Trials and Constitutional Rights The jury selection process is a significant portion of the trial process. Jury selection ensures that courts maintain proper Due Process and comply with constitutional guidelines. Furthermore, it gives lawyers the ability to evaluate the people in the jury and determine how they would feel about the case. The trial process branches out into six steps: jury selection, opening statements, presentation of evidence, closing arguments, charging of the jury and deliberation of jury. Throughout the process of jury selection, potential jury is based on a process names an voir dire; otherwise known as committing to telling the truth. During voir dire, potential jurors are included in…show more content…
An objection does not guarantee that it will be stricken from the case but there is the possibility of it depending on the decision of the judge. The judge then decides whether to sustain or overrule their objection based his/her observation and knowledge of the law. Once all the testimonies and evidence are presented, the case proceeds to a stage referred to as “rest”. The stage is then proceeded by closing arguments. Closing arguments are similar to the opening statement in that the opposite side of the law cannot interfere. Attorneys use the closing statement as a time to highlight points in the case that benefited their opening statement. Plaintiff’s also have the opportunity to open or close arguments based on their strategy. Once the closing argument is completed by each side, the jury is then “charged” by the judge to input their decisions based on the law. It is very important that the jury does not make decisions based on personal perspectives or bias feelings. The decisions of the jury are determined specifically from the information provided throughout the case. Throughout the deliberation, the jury is separated from the trial and placed into a holding room to make final decisions on the case. Every member of the jury must have to opportunity to participate in the judgment process. If the jury is unable to agree on a single

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