Just A Dream By Chris Van Allsburg

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The children’s book, Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg explains the importance of having a clean environment and what the consequences will be if you do not take care of it. The story opens with Walter eating a jelly doughnut and throwing the empty bag it came in at the fire hydrant. This displayed how Walter did not take littering seriously, but at the end realized how important it truly is to keep the environment pollution free. Allsburg takes us on a journey through Walter’s dreams explaining what you should and should not do to the environment through words and the detailed illustrations.
Walter is the main protagonist in Allsburg book because the story is based off of all of the dreams he is having and is on each page of the book. When you flip through the book, you notice in the opening scene that first Walter has his back faced towards the reader and when you keep going through Walter is always there. One thing we can notice when we look at the book is how unappreciative he is of nature. When Rose says she got a tree for her birthday he did not seem so pleased about it instead, he called it a “dumb plant.” Also, he was supposed to sort through the trash and recycle, but instead he just puts everything in one trash can which shows how he does not care about recycling. Walter realizes at the end that nature is important and we should cherish it. When he returns back from all his dreams he gets up and goes outside to the trash that he did not sort through and puts the

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