Just A Dream Narrative

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Prologue: Just a Dream

The cool crisp air, the leaves changing different colors, the moist wet grounds of the mud and the dry crunchy leaves, the warm sunlight through the tall trees of the forest, being outdoors for hours and running for a long time without getting tired. That is a few of my favorite things about being a wolf and also is my favorite season because Halloween, pumpkin spice or minty drinks with treats also get to be myself for a while. I always have this dream where I just run and run, just to get out of the house to get some air to clear my mind from lots of things that is running through my mind. The cool crisp air makes me breath heavy though my nose and muzzle, its kind the of the cold that is like a frozen ice cube in the freezer. The moon shines down through the tall trees of the forest that makes my fur glow silver color like a glow in the dark shiny sticker. The light breeze tickles and blows though my white fur that makes me shiver in delight. The warm like sticky mud and grass squashes underneath my paws while running though my favorite part of the woods that is on my daily running patrol route. I couldn’t sleep, so I was dying to go for a run also to clear my mind from a lot of things that isn’t normal for a teenager girl like myself, which shouldn’t be stuck into two different world and have to pretend to be two different people at once. For me it’s easy to sneak out of the huge like pack house mansion. I always sneak out of the house all
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