Just Another Move to China

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CASE STUDY :Just another move to China Question 1 : Over the years, the MacDoughals have been on numbers of international assignements -Chicago, Philadelphia and now Singapore - . Lachlan, the husband has been offered an international assignement to China, which makes it a little bit difficult for the entire family to move as his wife, Lisa enjoys her current job in Singapore and is finally looking forward to focusing more on her career and their daughters, Emily and Amélia are already attached to their lives in Singapore. In addition, they all have the permanent Singaporean residency. The MacDoughals definitely fit into a rare and valuable category of people multinational firms are looking for. In Fact, they have proven their…show more content…
In Fact, Amélia and Emily have spent most of their youth (and lives) embrassing the Singaporean culture by « encorporating Singaporean culture into their everyday life and sense of who they were ». Both attended (for two years) Asia’s most international and adapted school for third culture kids : United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) which unfortunately does not give them the same opportunity in Shanghai since it is the only school of its kind located in the Asian area. The girls have therefore settled in their Singaporean environnement as they enjoy their friends and entourage company and already have some landmarks in their surrounding environnement. Moving to Shanghai will consequently cause a big change in their personalities and characteristics and will eventually make them feel like they don’t belong. As a matter of fact, below are some fundamental bulletpoints on Third culture kids usual characteristics that would potentially apply to Amelia and Emily after moving to Shanghai: - Building relationships all around the world but without any ownership in any - Avoiding the « where are you from ? » question - Being uncertain of their cultural identity - Having an identity crisis - Loosing relationships - Feeling different and left out from others Question 4 : Moving all around the
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