Just As The Hands Of A Clock Are Constantly Moving, Time

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Just as the hands of a clock are constantly moving, time is constantly going about changing society. Relationships among people have changed significantly from what they were in the past. Specifically, the way in which people interact has changed drastically. However, the one interaction has remained relatively the same throughout: bullying. Bullying, a negative interaction, has produced many statistics. In other words, bullying has made its mark in who the common bullies are, who are the typical victims of bullying, the repercussions of bullying, and ways in which bullying is linked to social and individual problems such as depression, anxiety, and violent tendencies. Common Links Across Bullying Societal context has provided an…show more content…
On the contrary to the negativity forwarded by the bully, there are aspects that may help children avoid the drive-for-power behavior. The alternative to being a bully is an effective member of society. If a child has the right friend group they will be less inclined to be involved in negative behavior. By right friend group this means, supportive in nature. Those who are not the alternative are unfortunate in the matter that they become the victim of bullying. Overweight and obese children are often bullied. As well as, anxious, socially withdrawn, and aggressive children are often found to be the victims of bullying. The reasons behind these characteristics being common amongst victims is because those who are anxious or socially withdrawn are not likely to fight back or retaliate if bullied. And contrary to belief children who demonstrate aggressive tendencies fall victim to bullying because their behavior may be interpreted as irritating by the bully. These children who are victims are victims of many types of bullying. Types of Bullying Overall bullying perceived as a singular concept, but there are many variations that take place. These types of bullying include: verbal, emotional, physical, and cyberbullying. Verbal bullying takes on different forms such as: insults, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks, name calling, or teasing. Emotional bullying impacts an individual through the isolation of the individual through direct

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