Just Being Yourself Essay

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Technology has brought us out of the dark ages and has given us the ability to do things we never thought were possible. It is all around us and it helps to make our lives just a little bit easier. Technology has improved our communication and social interaction by making it possible for us to get information from one place to another in seconds and for people to travel great distances, including over the ocean in a lot less time. It has improved education by broadening our horizons and allowing us to experience and share different cultures with each other and enabling us to connect with new people from all around the world. Technology has made it possible for medical patients to become mobile or even hear again and enjoy a normal life.…show more content…
“Henry Ford began the transportation revolution when he came up with the idea of mass production, making automobiles that were affordable for everyone.” (Bowles, M., 2011, 2.4) Railway was another popular travel option that allowed people to travel great distances for both business and pleasure. This gave Americans more job opportunities because instead of only being able to work locally, they could just hop on a train and work in other towns as well. Although trains and automobiles improved travel significantly, the invention of the airplane was probably the biggest advancement made in transportation. The Wright brothers invented the first airplane to fly in 1903. “These brothers dramatized the start of a revolution that has had more effect on the world than anything since the discovery of America.” (Wright, O., pg 1.1, 1988) The airplane not only allowed for even faster travel times but it also allowed us to travel across oceans in a lot less time as well. Before airplanes, the only way to travel across an ocean was by boat and that could take many months to do. Airplanes also made it possible for Americans to import and export goods all over the world more efficiently and faster than the automobile or even the train. Another way that technology has helped to end isolation is through advancements in education. In the early centuries, there were books and teachers in school and that is what the students
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