Just Business : Christian Ethics For The Marketplace

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Just Business: Christian Ethics for the Marketplace. By Alexander Hill. IVP Academic; Revised edition (January 10, 2008), 276pp., $11.29 Paper. Chanel Mahone Alexander Hill’s Christian Ethics for the Marketplace in my view point focuses on ethics as it relates to business which also includes the Christian element. Hill outlines the scripturally grounded ethical structure of holiness, justice, and love for business practices. Hill also connects his Christian ethic to the dominant methods of ethical practice in the world of business. Lastly, Hill uses the analysis of case studies in lieu of his proposed Christian ethic. Although questions in regards to ethical behaviors remain conclusively unanswered, several find ethical structure valuable when dealing with difficult situations. Hill begins by suggesting holiness is a significant component of an ethical lifestyle. He debates that the meaning of holiness consists of four parts which include zeal for God, purity, accountability, and humility. Hill writes, “The crucial point is that holiness is fundamentally about priorities. So long as a business is a means of honoring God rather than an end in itself, the concept of holiness is not violated.” (p. 25) In short, business involves more than a competition around the highest profits. Therefore when holiness is a priority of a businessman, the business is then reoriented around effectiveness for others and not solely around making money. Hill also points out that
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