Just From Living In The 21St Century And Being Observant

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Just from living in the 21st century and being observant of everything that has been going on lately in our world, I believe the debts to challenge racism has been relevant but has not made that much of a change lately. Dr. Taylor addresses something interesting she quotes President Lyndon Johnson when he says “ These differences are not racial differences. They are solely and simply the consequence of ancient brutality, past injustice, and present prejudice… For the Negro they are a constant reminder of oppression. For the white they are a constant reminder of guilt.” (Taylor 21). The black experience is something that has been around for years and is one matter that will seem to never change, by this person will try to understand but…show more content…
This stuck out because though I know the whole goal of this movement is to fight for what is right as well as make a difference to those who seek prosperity, Dr. Taylor makes it clear that not much has changed since then and it is liberation that is intended to make a change. Activist just don’t risk their life to fight for something that they strongly believe in and the movement, black lives matter has been fighting strong for this since the killing of Trayvon Martin. One method that I believe this movement is using to challenge racism is by using the platform social media, and I say this because social media is a wide spectrum that can be used in many ways. Social media serves as the breaking barrier for Black Lives Matter and is the reason to why this social movement, even exists, this movement has made its debuts in this form of a medium and from this has surfaced through every social media site possible and has even passed from this and surfaced their point to all of America everywhere. This method was not only smart and fast, but they serve as one of few

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