Just Getting Started

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A broken bone… no one wants it! Respondents recognize this as debilitating and potentially life altering. It is the reason that PMO is so horrifying, scary and makes them feel vulnerable. The mere mention of a break causes duress, and as a result women want hope packaged as a positive instead of negative.( MM: Hard to understand because hope seems to be always positive, maybe use a different word here) As a result they claim to respond to message of gain over loss. Patients in all segment groups exclaim that “no one wants a broken bone! – ever and especially with osteoporosis and definitely not later in life.” Compounding this negative reaction to broken bones is the true larger/more general baby boomer insight of forever young. As one…show more content…
The ‘Just Getting Started’ copy line out of television context implies new to treating with Prolia and not the intended message that because they are armed with medication that protects and strengthens their bones they can enter their next phase with similar gusto that defined their younger years. Within this direction, W is the lead idea because it promotes the success of the therapy. Note W was revised to lose the copy line of Just Getting Started RECOMMENDATION: W has the potential to be a strong idea if it can be given more visual impact to create greater stopping power To create cohesiveness with the television commercials, consider a visual device of the rich ‘getting started’ stories. This will take the pressure off of the language to bridge TV with print BLYTHE DANNER: She is a well recognized asset for Prolia with many claiming to recognize her from the TV advertising. However, there was also a lot of interest in the everyday people who had been using Prolia successfully. The depth of success highlighted in the profiles in “W” made the brand seem more popular and the therapy seem more successful for all types of
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