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Discussion – For and Against Read the dialogue between Jim, Kate and Laura. Jim: I see the Russians are planning to go to Mars now. It makes me sick to think of all the money spent on space research. How can they throw money away like that when millions of people on Earth are hungry? Kate: I don’t think it’s thrown away. You can’t stop scientific progress. People naturally want to find out about other planets, and what we find out may be very useful to the human race in the future. Jim: But that doesn’t do us much good now, does it? All that effort and expense to land two people on the Moon, and we found that that no one lives there, and we couldn’t, either. We know that already. Kate: Yes, but when I saw the film, I thought it was…show more content…
This is the main argument against space research. The vast sums of money spent on it could be better used in other ways. Apart from that, it is thought that the successful landing on the Moon, for example, although it was spectacular, did not advance human knowledge very much since we already knew it was uninhabited. On the other hand, those who defend space research argue that scientific progress is inevitable, and what is more, the effort to reach the Moon led to technological advances in other areas. Consequently, it is wrong to think that space research only benefits certain people because all kinds of everyday objects have developed faster because of it. It is therefore wrong to think that the money is wasted. On balance, I am in favor of space research because of the advantages it has already brought in terms of life on Earth today, for instance in developing techniques in hospitals. Nevertheless, I sympathize with those who are so concerned about the condition of people in Third World countries that they would like to spend all the money available to governments on helping them. Exercise 1 Complete the article below comparing bicycles and scooters as a means of transport for teenagers by choosing from the list of connectors below. Only one word or phrase is correct. Thirty years ago, most teenagers had bicycles, but now they are comparatively rare, and even
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