Just In Time Systems Essay

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Devising an efficient system of counting and maintaining a stock of inventory items has long been an arduous task for many business owners. The old method of cataloging by part or item number has all but disappeared since the proliferation of electronic catalogs and the use of computer software and web-based ordering/monitoring systems. Inventory management is necessary for owners who want to maintain a stocking service for quick turnaround to help ensure total customer satisfaction. An item on a managed inventory list must be maintained to avoid shortages of frequently used items. Even when utilizing an inventory management system, occasional shortages will still occur. To be successful in today's fast-paced, highly-competitive …show more content…
An efficient and effective system helps lead to a cost-efficient operation and a high degree of customer satisfaction.
Next, the focus of many industries today is shifting towards more and more automation and reliance on computers. The World Wide Web has altered the way companies and individuals interact with each other. What was once thousands of miles away or days in the future can now be obtained instantly with the click of a mouse button. That being said, the Just-In-Time system is one of the many ways companies can manage their inventory. This type of system can only exist through the use of automation and many advances in technology. The purpose and goal of this type of system is to eliminate wasted inventory and remain extremely flexible to the ever changing business environment (Reid Ch 7, 2002). The idea is to take a much broader view of operations where inventory is not only controlled by managers but also by the salesmen and sometimes even the consumer himself. J-I-T management strives to eliminate wasted time and money spent in unnecessary material handling and overstocked shelves. By allowing the consumer to drive the inventory a company can simplify the entire process and decrease mistakes.
This type of system is only possible through the use of technology, automation, and flexibility. This must come from the company providing the product or service and all of the suppliers that are involved in the process. Further, J-I-T inventory

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