Just Lather, That's All

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"Just Lather, That's All" by Hernando Tellez is about a barber who is forced to shave the beard of one of the troops, whom he wants to kill but using all of his strength not to. The barber is a rebel himself so having the enemy's face in his hands with a razor sharp enough to cut the skin was a little too much temptation. the barber is hesitant with Captain Torres. When in the presence of the Captain, the barber is forced to decide what is more important: him being an experienced barber or him being a rebel. With much hesitation he established that being a barber will be a lot safer. When the troop comes into the barber's shop, the barber starts to tremble. He recognizes him as Captain Torres. The one who gives the orders.…show more content…
Since the story ends with that last explanation, we can only infer the impact of which it had on the barber. Not everyone is who they might seem to be. An extravagant barber could be a big time rebel. No one would expect it. For all we know, Captain Torres could be a sweet-heart. He doesn't like killing people, but he has
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