`` Just Like The Dreamers ``

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On June of 2012, President Obama’s announced that his administration would stop deporting undocumented youth who were brought to the United States of America illegally by their parents. This was a huge win for the DREAM act which allowed undocumented youths to pursue higher education or join the workforce with. Francisco Jimenez or Panchito, as he is called in the story, just like the DREAMers, was brought to the US by his parents when we was about eight years old. Unfortunately, by the time he was fifteen years of age, he was deported back to Mexico. Between the years of coming to the US and being deported back, Franciso had assimilated to the American culture in many ways i.e being so fluent in English that he could memorize the Declaration Of Independence. From picking cotton and strawberries to moving from state to state looking for jobs, the Jimenez family had seen it all. They came to America looking to achieve their American Dream but they were not so successful. Panchito, even though was not able to become full American, I believe that he did feel American for most of the part in the book. When Panchito arrived in the US, he did not know any English. One of the most difficult thing he has to do was start his first day of school in America because he was unable to communicate with his classmates, and the teacher nor was he able to understand the instructions the teacher gave. He added in the book that “When Ms. Scalapino started speaking to the class and I did not
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