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Just Like Us
The immigration problem in America has been dividing the document and undocumented people, in the book Just Like Us, by Helen Thorpe, she tells the story of four Mexican – American girls who live in Denver Colorado. Marisela and Yadira, were born in Mexico and are undocumented while Clara was born in Mexico too it is a permanent resident, and Elissa is a U.S citizen. They are best friend and their relationship it is not affected by their immigration status until they graduated from high school and they have to face the challenge of looking for new ways to pay for their college education. Undocumented adolescents graduating from high school don’t have many
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Yadira won it, because she pursued her dream and than her best friend Marisela. To know that she got the scholarship Yadira called the University while Marisela watched her friend’s face as she spoke to the woman. Yadira looked back to Marisela the whole time, and she asked: “You got it, huh? Yadira hung up the phone. “Yeah,” Yadira replied, she was crying (Thorpe 80). Marisela has to deal with this pain inside on her, because she was happy that her best friend got this triumph, but this means that she will not get this scholarship. As we can tell the process of obtaining a good education is really hard for undocumented people, it makes it even harder to compete against someone you know. Hard moments like this makes it difficult for undocumented adolescents has to deal with in obtain a good education.
Another topic that Thorpe presents is the difficulty of changing people’s points of view. In fact, when congress is debating why immigrants come to America illegally, should they receive citizenship? Luke is a really close friend of the girls at Denver University. In the story represents people who are conservative view and very narrow mind. In particular instance, Luke express that opinion when he said: “I don’t agree with giving them all citizenship…why even have immigration law if you just let everybody in!” (Thorpe 250) This is the reason why Marisela manifest not to be so close to him

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