Just Mercy By Stevenson Bryan Essay

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Just Mercy was written in 2014 by Stevenson Bryan. This story takes place in Montgomery Alabama. This story is about the broken system of justice. How people are judged unfairly even in the supreme Court. Bryan Stevenson primarily focuses on death penalty cases and juveniles sentenced to life or death. He provides relief for those incarcerated also, he understands the need to fix this criminal justice system by focusing on poverty, and racial disparities. Stevenson chooses cases that did not receive justice. This book discusses the prison life and how they are treated. It also decides about the different cases and how each case has one theory. It provides additional insight into the rush to incarcerate for life people as young teenagers, putting them in an adult prison. Where they are certain to suffer from sexual, mentally and physical abuse. In Just Mercy there are many different character. Each character develops differently throughout the story. Walter McMillan’s was one of them. McMillan character has changed the most as physically, emotionally and psychologically from beginning of the book to the end. Walter was from poor black family, he got married young age and had three children. In 1986 Walter was convicted of killing 18-year-old Ronda Morrison, who was college student working at Monroe Cleaners. He was shot in the back and killed. Authorities were able to identify the killer after several months. Walter was convicted of the Ronda Morrison murder. Sheriffs

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