Just One More Push, Words New Mothers Can Remember Vividly.

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Just one more push, words new mothers can remember vividly. That final push and they finally meet their new baby. This is when mothers get the first look from their new home invader, the realization that this tiny human is theirs. Now, the new pressures of the world begin to come in right away. Lactation consultants come in pushing breastfeeding upon the new mom, explaining how it is so much better. The judgements overflow as the new mom decides to formula feed. Day one of motherhood and already the battle of validity comes knocking at the door; and the mom is left to decide if she will follow what she wishes as a parent or fold to societal norms. Being a new mom is already hard, why do people feel the need to make it even more difficult?…show more content…
According to Kate Williams, “guilt is a natural and appropriate response for “good” mothers who do not breast-feed” (Williams). What is meant by this is that mothers put pressure on one another to believe that one way is better than the other. In this instance, mothers who do not breast-feed feel guilty for choosing a route that better suits them. Being an advocate for breast-feeding is great, but instead of giving the new mother support the advocates are creating stress and insecurity (Williams). Mothering is hard and it comes with no instructions, so her support needs to stand behind her no matter which way she decides to parent. Also, new mothers are allowed to raise their child anyway that fits theirs and when a child is on a schedule it is important for the support system to respect that. Babies thrive on schedules, whether that schedule be built around the moms or the moms build their lives around the babies, it is important that people take it into consideration. No matter what type of schedule the mother has built, it needs to be used with or without her. It is understandable that friends and family want to see the new edition to the world, however, if a baby is sleeping, it is important to leave that baby alone. New moms live around that sleeping schedule so when someone comes and disturbs that, it can lead to a more stressful life for the mother. It is also important to understand that a mother with a partner needs
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