Just Reading The First Few Paragraphs I Pretty Much Know And Understood What The Article Is About

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Just reading the first few paragraphs I pretty much know and understood what the article is about. As Lisa Wade explained, the Ivy League student sent a message full of grammar errors and intentional short words, swear words, and sentence usages where the message is hard to even read properly nor understand what the message sender is saying. Plus the way the message is laid out, shows the sender is careless and unprofessional. I remember one of my instructors from a previous class made clear about how to send any messages through text message or e-mail in a proper and professional way. He informs strictly verbally and by example to treat your corresponding message exchange between student and instructor as a worker and manager/boss. And as a student or worker, you need to show your professionalism and appropriateness towards your instructor, boss, or any higher-up person. If this is between friends and friends, outside of work, it will be okay.
For the nine other things college professors hate, students directly asking the instructor or instructors on what important assignments or events is improper and inexcusable. Asking for assistance from a classmate is more proper because they can help you get back on track on assignments or tasks given by the instructor/boss. And if anything that you do not understand or making you confused, you can ask the instructor if needed. Next, packing your materials before class or meeting is officially over and while your instructor or boss is
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