Just Say No Programs And The War On Drugs Laws

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Regan 's passage of “just say no programs” and “the war on drugs laws” and the laws focus on stopping drugs use and sales via harsh sentencing laws, that included three-strikes laws, and mandatory minimum sentencing statute. Reagan and Bushes’ laws and governmental racial projects of racial profiling cast new forms of racial control on blacks reminiscent of the days of slavery as the focal point of Regan’s implementation of the “war on drug laws” centered in poor urban black neighborhoods stripped of jobs, resources, and basic public services. Regan’s enforcing of anti-drug efforts in poor urban black communities led to a form of social control that led to a tripling of the prison population over the past 30 years that reflects enormous…show more content…
Undercover drug buys, and stings are more frequent in African American communities than other parts of a city. For example, over-policing occurs when police conduct drug sweeps in Black neighborhoods, or detain African American motorists for what called 'driving while Black." Driving while Black is vernacular in the Black Community That refers police protocols that use traffic law to frequently stop and detain Black motorists for vehicle searches without probable cause or reasonable suspicion that would warrant being stopped. Data shows the illegal search and pullovers of vehicles by black, and Hispanic males is a police action performed by officers throughout the nation. Even Famous black celebrities and prominent African Americans say they too have been victimized by police, pulled over and subject to vehicle and bodily searches by police without probable cause. Other than the fact they are the black man driving an expensive car so he must or might be a drug dealer or involved in some criminal behavior to afford such an expensive car, civil rights violations that are invasive as well as intrusive. Police officers also profile certain individual because of activities they observe. For example, if person perceived to be poor is frequently seen in an affluent community, that person may be profiled by police as someone with criminal intent. Similarly, if an individual in a poor neighborhood is in possession expensive items, i.e.,
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