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Case study analysis on JUST US! CAFES SUBMITTED TO: - SUBMITTED BY:- Dr. D.D Swain Ajay Pratap Singh Professor (Marketing) PGDM 2012-2014 INTRODUCTION Just Us! (JU) Café is the leading Fair Trade (FT) coffee cooperative, wholesaler and retailer in Nova Scotia, Canada, and United States. JU vision is “to be a leading Fair Trade business that builds on quality, professionalism and innovation for the benefit of all their stakeholders”. JU core differentiation is selling FT and organic model which is social and environmental…show more content…
As mentioned in Appendix B-PEST, the customer’s income plays a huge role in selecting a product therefore if they decide to bypass fair trade products because of the premium price they can hold allot of buyer power, thus making buyer power in the industry high. Threat of Substitutes: There are various substitutes for fair trade coffee in the industry such as regular coffee, tea etc but not only coffees but in the general beverages market e.g. Coca Cola, Water etc. As a result of this there is a very high threat of substitutes. Supplier Power: Supplier power is relatively low as the industry is fair trade coffee. From previous knowledge, coffee suppliers were being exploited and continued to produce. It is simply because of the willingness to partake in fair trade that they have gained power. However I still believe that due to the underdevelopment of the producing countries allot of the power still lies with the buyers. Competitive Rivalry: Competitive rivalry is relatively high as seen in previous competitor analysis. There are many competitors in the local market and on the shelf within the mainstream markets. SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Just Us! Coffee Roasters’ brand equity is what drives the company forward. Customers base their decision to purchase coffee from Just Us! Coffee Roasters are a symbol of their
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