Just Vs. Unjust Essay

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Just vs. Unjust. We, as U.S. citizens, are guaranteed basic equal rights, but do these rights extend to all U.S. citizens? Honestly, they do not. Homosexuals have had their rights have been minimized or depleted since U.S. citizens can remember. It should not matter what ethnicity, sexuality, or religion you have; you deserve equal rights if you are a citizen of the U.S. because you pay the same taxes as everyone else in this country and are guaranteed the same rights under The Bill of Rights. Homosexuals can be charged with the same crime as a heterosexual, and they have the right to a speedy fair trial. However, homosexuals have been suffering injustices for far too long ranging from being banned from joining the military to getting married, and they are not allowed to search for their pursuit of happiness because other U.S. citizens continue to shut this right down. This is unjust because everyone is guaranteed their right to the pursuit of happiness under their basic Human Rights unless you are homosexual, and that is flat out discrimination. It has been said that we discriminate because we are scared, and people do believe that holds some value. Why else would we hate for no reason? How do we define discrimination against homosexuals as just? Discrimination is fueled by hate and ignorance. In Human Rights a Short Introduction by Andrew Clapham, he discusses The Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948 that describes to whom human rights should be bestowed upon.
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