Just War Identity

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The True Identity of Just War In the world we live in, people are consumed by violence and war as nations conflict to achieve victory and change. However, these changes come with a price, the lives of innocent people and the destruction of their homes. Because of this, massive amounts of innocent lives account for casualties. Thus, the controversy behind it causes a lot of debate between whether or not the amount of collateral damage allowed by the Rules of Engagement should be greater or lesser. Some argue that the insurgents of war the United States are fighting are only trying to camouflauge themselves among the non-combatant civilians only to get away with their crimes against us. On the other hand, the opposition argues that killing these innocent people only results in more distance in…show more content…
This brings up controversy on whether or not war should be considered moral or immoral. Some believe that war is defined as a charade in which it extends well beyond moral judgement. “War is a world apart, where life itself is at stake, where human nature Is decued to its elemental forms, where self-interest and necessity prevail” (Walzer 1). Michael Walzer describes it as a lack of courage of our judgments because he believes that we are uncertain with them when it comes to the topic of war. When it comes to the death of the innocent, we should only react in a moral behavior and understand that war is immoral and there is no reason to engage in increasing the collateral damage that the Rules of Engagement state. David Kilcullen, author of Counterinsurency, argues that the Rules of Engagement should allow for less collateral damage. He states that “even if we are killing the insurgents effectively, if our approach also frightens and harms the local population, or makes people feel unsafe, there is next to no chance that we gain their support”
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