Just Water : Who Is Just? Essay

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JUST WATER Who is JUST? “JUST” is a group of like-minded people who came together to drive social and environmental impact through “a better kind of business.” They are: ¥ A business that rethinks how they source, deliver and consume every day products ¥ A business that combines for-profit energy with non-profit motives ¥ A business with a goal to offer every day products with impact and affordability Their first foray is with bottled water. Where they’ve produced a “100% spring water product in a paper based bottle.” The water is responsibly sourced, produced and packaged for improved environmental and community impact. Essentially they are a disrupter as they’ve implemented policies that are shaking up the industry. As an example beyond their packaging they are paying 6 times as much for the water as the local community but the major criticism against bottled water has always been the plastic packaging and they’ve come up with a solution to that concern, but have also gone well beyond just creating a product, they’ve created a company that matches their product’s brand. Incredibly conscious of their social and environmental responsibilities. The bottled water industry The bottled water industry (NAICS Code 312112 (b) - Bottled Water Manufacturing) is second largest category in the beverage industry, by volume in the United States, just behind carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) as shown below. The beverage industry is the second largest category in the Consumer staples

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