Just in Time Delivery Systems

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Just in time delivery systems are a type of supply chain management system. Many different industries including the construction industry are currently using Just in time delivery systems to be able to have the materials that are needed on site “just in time” to have them completed for the activity. It eliminates on site storage because the material is delivered just in time for its intended use. Many other industries like manufacturing are using just in time deliveries every day. The concept of just in time delivery systems in other industries have been established, but its introduction into construction projects may not always be the best option for all situations. A company that has perfected the just in time system is Toyota Motor Company. The vice president Mr. Taiichi Ohno has helped develop this system at Toyota (Sugimori, 1977). He had to use this in their assembly line production. They will only create the “necessary products, at the necessary time, in the necessary quantities” need to be manufactured, and in addition the stock on hand is held down to a minimum (1977). With the stock on hand being able to be cut down, now extra people are not needed to make more parts then are necessary. Also, if a part changes during the mid production year you are not left with other parts that can no longer be used on the cars being produced. Japan being one of the countries with the greatest demand for natural resources mainly needs everything to be imported. This is one of
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