Just in Time Learning

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JUST IN TIME LEARNING: Much of the educational materials we receive in our institutions are to prepare us for the future. Many students ask about whether what they are learning will come in handy or when will they use it and teachers reply that just learn it and you can apply it just-in-case when you need it. But when you learn something when it is actually needed and not before time it is known as Just-in-Time learning (JIT). It does not defer the implication of knowledge instead it relies on self implication while learning. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of Just-in-Time learning. ADVANTAGES: • When we learn before time we may loss the information and skill when it will actually be needed and a refresher course is…show more content…
In other words, a person’s behaviour, environment, and personal qualities all reciprocally influence each other. As in the scenario the questions asked were biased and non relevant to the job. This led to reciprocal behavior of negative thoughts for the interviewer and the company. The image of the organization changed and it also affected other organizations as well. This is based on the Albert Bandura’s social learning theory which emphasis on reciprocal
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