Just living in a Material World

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What makes the American society American? Is it our big cities? Our adaptations to new technology? Our extravagant shopping opportunities? Is it the convenience of our society? The fast food opportunities? The drive-thrus? It is our emphasis on personal travel and transportation means? Or is it our desire for wealth and success? Many Americans focus on these aspects of our society to be happy in their lives. Americans strive to be the best and often little will stop them on their way. There is an emphasis on money, success, and owning the newest and most popular items. This want and desire for the best material goods can be described as materialism. Moreover, another damaging aspect of American society is the media portrayal of what is…show more content…
In other words, young men are told that in order to fit in with adult men, they must drink. However, drinking to the excess is not something God intended for His people and undercuts the faith. Moreover, the media portrays the use of sexual relations. Such relations are shown as carefree, normal, and risk-free. They send the idea to teens ‘everyone does it’ and if you do not, you do not fit in (“Impact of Media Use on Children and Youth” 4). To prove this point, the article “Impact of Media Use on Children and Youth” states, “Sex between unmarried partners is shown 24 times more often than sex between spouses” (4). Essentially, the article states that the media portrays sex outside of marriage as more popular and normal than sex inside a marriage, which is what God intends for all of us. To avoid such portrayals from the media, one can limit the amount of time they spend watching television or on the internet. Families of young children could have talks about what is seen on television compared to what the church teaches. Parents need to develop their child’s moral understandings. The background of the church teaching should be started at a young age when kids are most influenced by the media. In a culture that places an emphasis on the newest and latest fashion and

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