Justice And The Modern Day

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Justice isn 't quite the knight in shinning armor it pretends to be. It is a very flippant idea that will change with its wielder. A central idea to justice is that it seems to adhere to is the morals and beliefs of its people at the time. As the peoples idea 's change justice slowly changes along with them. It can also be shifted quickly by the idea 's of the leaders, if the leaders choose to take a different route then the current mainstream beliefs. The reason for the leaders to change the peoples idea of justice is it can be used to motivate others. Although justice in the modern day is seen as protecting the weak, justice is actually a manifestation of the morals of the people because it can be easily shaped by the current leaders. So many different people have come to power in human civilizations. With each new leader came a new set of idea 's that shaped the morals of the people. These morals are then interpreted by the people. Any morals or actions that line up with the ideology of the time became just. An example would be how people in the crusade believed they were being just by waging war on each other just because they didn 't share the same religion. People did these horrible things to each other because the leaders of the religion they followed told them that this was right. That was justice to them back in the crusades. Now in the modern era it is seen as protecting the weak and helping your fellow man. One of the most notorious public speakers of all
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