Justice At Its Own Trail . Death Penalty Is Considered

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Justice at its own Trail
Death penalty is considered as vital form of justice which can act as deterrence to major crimes. Many national laws were against the death penalty as it seems completely against the values of humanity. So, these nations abolished it because of its questionable validity as a deterrence. However, few nations retained the established capital punishment as an ultimate solution to the serious crimes. Altogether fifty-six nations had established capital punishment as the best way to deal with the criminal. About sixty percent of human population lies in those countries which include USA, China,
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This argument is fallacious from the outset in that the definition of murder is the ‘unlawful’ and willful killing of a human being. Legally enacted, capital punishment cannot be murder” (Taylor). Question of humanity over the death penalty doesn’t seem to be of any logic in terms of reducing crime rate and providing justice. So, capital punishment is the best possible choice in order to provide fair justice.
While performing an analysis of punishment, the question of deterrence is paramount; it seems inevitable that only good results of deterrence will be able to enact law towards its favor. In fact, death penalty is considered as huge warning to most of the criminal to decrease murder rate. When we evaluate the consequence of capital punishment more deeply, every criminal minded person will be aware of it and will think twice before committing any crimes. If they commit crime even after knowing its consequence, they deserve to die. “Murderers volunteer for the risk of capital punishment, and the punishment they volunteered to risk should be imposed if, in the view of the courts, they are guilty and deserve it” (Van). Edward Koch, former Mayor of New York City, has admitted that, “If the death penalty had been a real possibility in the minds of those murderers, they might well have stayed their hand. They might have shown moral awareness before their victims died, and not after”. Capital punishment also allows the victims to threaten the murderer by simply reminding
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