Justice By Michael J. Sandel

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Years of repression and ethnic division between the Hutu and Tutsi has sparked major conflict between the two groups. While both the Hutu and Tutsi were culturally similar, their differences had has caused an estimated death of more than 800,000 lives. Even though leaders of both sides advocated for peace, the assassinations, revenge killings and discrimination made it impossible. When a hutu president was murdered, what followed was a mass of extremists slaughtering the opposition in the name of justice. During these times are when peoples loyalty are the most apparent. In the book Justice by Michael J. Sandel, the author discusses the critics and modern liberals views of moral obligations. Critics believe that someone is obligated to their family, citizen and etc., while modern liberals believe that people have a choice in who they’re obligated to with humanity having top one priority. While my sense of loyalty is a mixture of critics and modern liberals, in the situation in Rwanda, I mainly applied the modern liberals views when accessing the situations. The United Nations Assistance Mission For Rwanda was a United Nations attempt to implement the Arusha Accords, which was meant to end the conflict between the RPF and Hutu dominant government. However, once Habyarimana was assassinated, the treaty was immediately forgotten. The militia were killing all Tutsi and suspected Tutsi, and the RPF retaliated. During the genocide that ensued, the United Nations did nothing to
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