Justice Can Still Be Served: And Then There Were None Essay

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Agatha Christie, author of the murder mystery And Then There Were None, used foreshadowing and both external and internal conflict to portray the theme of her novel that justice can be served for the crimes that go unpunished. Christie used these elements because she enjoyed mystery and she liked to keep her readers engaged while reading. Agatha Christie is still considered one of the best, if not, the best murder mystery writer today because she wrote the first murder mystery novel and she wrote many more after that that was well loved by people. Agatha Christie, full name Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, was born on September 15, 1890 in Torquay, England. Agatha Christie’s mother’s name is Clarissa Margaret Boehmer. She was an English woman…show more content…
Her husband, Archibald Christie was an aviator. Christie had a daughter with her husband Archibald by the name Rosalind Christie (“Christie, Agatha” 176; Kunitz 279). Agatha Christie was the type of person that enjoyed many things, but at the same time she disliked many things. Her hobby was to buy houses, decorate and alter them, live in them for a short amount of time and then sell them. While she liked doing those things, she didn’t like crowds, loud music, wireless, cinemas, and gramophones. She also didn’t like the taste of alcohol and the smell of smoke. Agatha Christie has a rose named after her (Kunitz 279; “Agatha Christie Biography”; “75 facts about Christie”). In 1926, Christie’s mother died. In that same year she discovered that her husband was in love with another woman. On December 6, she suffered a mental breakdown and disappeared from her home. Her car was found abandoned in a quarry. Ten years later, she was found at a hotel in Harrogate, England, where she had been staying under the name of the woman whom her was husband was having an affair with. Two years later, she divorced Archibald Christie. In 1930, she married Sir Max Mallowan, who was a leading British archaeologist (“Agatha Christie Biography”). Other than writing, Agatha Christie was a nurse during World War I. Christie wrote her first book because her sister challenged her to write it. While working at a hospital dispensary in Torquay, Christie was
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