Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

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JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED ******************************** In the legendary interminable case of “Jarndyce Vs Jarndyce” in Dickens’ “The Bleak House”, characters have grown old, been born into, married into, and been divorced from various plaintiffs and defendants and awaited judgement with fond hope as if to The Last Day of Judgement. In this novel, Charles Dickens brings forth a long-running litigation which is an embodiment of the failures of the Chancery. His depiction of the judiciary as slow and arcane helped to spur an ongoing movement that later led to remarkable legal reforms in the Eighteenth century England. But even now,…show more content…
After filing a complaint, she was so much harassed by the police that it led to her eventual suicide. But Rathore was convicted on Dec 21, 2009 - after two decades of the crime. It is because the accused was given this much time that he could gather false evidences resulting in lingering of the case for two decades. Another instance is the 1993 Mumbai Blast case. One of the accused and well-known bollywood actor, Sanjay Dutt, was convicted after a long period on 2013. The acquittal of congress leader Sajjan Kumar in 1984 riot case again proves the hold of nefarious politicians, whose sole raison d’être is amassing power and money, over the court’s judgement. These instances give corroborative evidences of the subjection of judiciary to political and financial clout. This legal maxim framed by British Prime Minister, William Ewart Gladstone , is to some extend vindicated. But it should not be forgotten that in between seeking justice and deliverance of justice there are a lot of pre-requisites, formalities and prescribed procedures governing the court proceedings that need to be followed. These are very time consuming but unavoidable also. For example, it is rather a precondition that every accused be given reasonable chance to defend himself.
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